Allowances and Chores

Allowances and Chores  Learn the best way to set your child's allowance — and whether you should reward your child for helping out with household chores.

Credit is bad

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Description of technique for teaching kids the value of money:
Next time your child asks for money to buy something, give the money as a 'loan'. Then set up terms on how the money will be paid back (Ex: 2 dollars a month for 10 months). Set a specific day of the month and set up a "penalty" (Ex: 1 cent interest) if the payment is late. You child can pay you back from his/her allowance and learn the value of paying on time at the same time!


Give bad terms like a credit card would

example they borrow $10.00 charge them $2.00 interest a month until they pay it back.  Teach them how much money they lost due to the have now pay later bug.  Saving is the key to our children's future.


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