Starting Up: Fill bowl about 2/3 full with room temperature (65o-75o) tap water. If you are not certain of temperature, let water stand at least one hour before adding fish. Bottled Drinking Water (NOT distilled, R/O, Mineral or any of the fancy stuff, just the plain old water you get in gallon jugs at the supermarket) is also suitable and convenient. Add chlorine neutralizer if using new city water. Gravel and decorations are optional.

Extra Water:   It is a good idea to set aside water now in case you need it. Fill a clean  container and store uncovered - ready to be used as needed. It takes at least a day for the water to be chlorine free and this way it will be of similar temperature of your water in the bowl. If you are using Bottled Drinking Water,  just store at room temperature  in its original container.

Which Fish?: One of the  best bowl fish is the Betta (Betta Splendens). They  are small slow moving fish  and donít require a lot of space, so small quarters suit them just fine. Their only real limitation is temperature, which should ideally be in the mid-70ís.

Goldfish? Only while they are young (little).   Healthy goldfish will outgrow even a large bowl very quickly, and  keeping them in a bowl will stunt there growth..  It is just to small.

New Home: Donít feed fish their first few days in their new home. Fish may be fed once or twice daily, but in very small amounts. Most small fish eat all they can in a minute or two, and any food left uneaten will only foul the water.

Feeding:  Most new fish will not eat at first. They are adjusting to their new environment and it  take a few days to settle in. General you need to wait one to two days before you start feeding or you will just fowl the water with uneaten food.  After the second day you can trying to provide food and scoop it out within a few minutes if uneaten. Eventually your fish will get hungry enough and eat what you provide them. Offering a few different options is a wise idea for a health fish. Be careful not to offer too many choices at first though, as if they realize there may be an endless trail of different foods they may choose to wait and see what comes next.  Different fish eat different amounts of food based on their age, size, etc. A little food goes a long way, so be careful not to overfeed!  Few fish die from being under feed many die from being over feed.  You can go to any pet store and ask what type of food your fish should eat.  Or email me any questions.

Cleaning: If taken care of properly (no over feeding), you should only  need to clean out the bowl once a week. Gently pour the fish and old water into another clean container. DO NOT  USE SOAP OR DETERGENTS.  Rinse the bowl, gravel and decorations and scrub where needed.  Fill with extra water you have set aside. Transfer your fish back from the temporary container.

Questions:  If you have any questions about care of your fish or any questions about anything in general feel free to contact me at

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